Our Packages

What type of renovation are you interested in?

We offer a range of bespoke options for you to choose from.

Whether you are looking at undertaking individual projects, such as:

  • a kitchen or bathroom renovation
  • a complete home makeover
  • renovating for a profit
  • saving on your energy bills
  • simply looking to refresh your entire home or investment property
Our boutique packages offer the complete solution you need, including finance solutions to meet every budget. We specialise in tailoring functional to luxury solutions fit for every budget and without compromising service and commitment.

With us, you stay in control of your options and budget because with our packaged solutions you choose the level of finishes that fit your needs. We are confident that we can find the perfect solution for you.


  • floor layout remains the same (cosmetic renovation)
  • off-the shelf
  • functional
  • quality materials and products (including joinery, benchtop, fit-out, functional appliances)


  • limited floorplan optimization
  • accessible higher-spec materials and finishes (including higher finishes, higher spec natural materials and established brand appliances)


  • floorplan optimization
  • customized fit outs
  • luxury finishes
  • high-end materials
  • premium appliances

Our Packages


We specialise in identifying on-trend solutions to breath new life and functionality into your kitchen and bathrooms.


The key to increasing investment value is not to overcapitalise your project. By making smart and savvy decisions we can help you optimise your investment. 


We specialise in energy efficient and smart home renovation solutions to bring your energy costs down and keep them at minimum. 


Our Complete Home package offers you a comprehensive, quality turn-key solution for your home, making the old brand new again.